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2018 Young People Patient Advocacy

Via Pulmonary Hypertension Association Europe and the European Patients Forum (EPF) the annual opportunity to train our young people in patient advocacy comes around again.

Advocacy is about defending patients’ rights:
• Right to access treatment
• Right to have affordable medication
• Right to have good quality healthcare
• Right to equality and equity
The defense of these rights and achieving them is done with continuous efforts at national level and the relentless pressure at international level. The purpose is to prepare our young people to understand advocacy and increase our numbers.

The programme targets young patients or representatives of young patient advocates whose ages range from 18 to 30 from across Europe, specifically EU Members States and the Western Balkan Countries who have either the EU official candidate or potential candidate country status. The training will be held in Vienna, Austria on 1-4 July 2018. An extensive follow-up phase will take place, during which participants will get a chance to receive follow-up coaching and guidance to further address the most critical discrimination issues that young patients face in their respective countries.

EPF (European Patients Forum) is currently gathering applications from all eligible candidates. Please share this information with those who may be interested to gain insight into the complexity of young patients’ advocacy issues and discuss them through interactive debates, individual and group exercises. The application deadline is 1 March 2018. All travel and accommodation costs for participants are covered by the EPF, except for evening meals on 2 and 3 July.

For information about this initiative, such as the overarching theme, training contents, application form and much more, please consult the EPF website http://www.eu-patient.eu/…/sum…/2018-summer-training-course/ for more details or contact Danielle Flores, EPF Project Officer, danielle.flores@eu-patient.eu or Valentina Strammiello, EPF Programme Manager, valentina.strammiello@eu-patient.eu.