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Over the years PHA Ireland has been supported by our colleagues across the water in PHA UK, the charity for UK pulmonary hypertension sufferers. We have shared forums in Ireland, the UK and Europe with the PHA UK team and where possible coordinated our efforts in support of PH awareness and patient support and foresee this relationship continuing and deepening.

The PHA UK website is a very useful resource for information on a myriad of issues with regards to PH and no more so than their quarterly magazine publication emphasis, designed for their members and all interested in matters relating to PH.

We recommend that you take a look at / download this free magazine and find items of interest related to your own personal circumstances. We would just like to make you aware that there may be some minor differences between the approach taken to PH treatment in the UK compared to Ireland, so please check with your own Doctor before taking on board any specific medical advice. You will find many practical and thought provoking articles in the publication and possibly, most importantly recognise and find some company in the challenges and issues from the contributions of fellow PH sufferers.

You can find the current and all previous publications on the PHA UK website via the button below: