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Becoming a member

As a member and supporter, you stand as part of a community that is fighting back against this terrible illness. You are making a decision to give something back – numbers give us strength and make our voice louder as we advance our agenda. You are our strength, so please join us today.

Members’ benefits include:

  • Regular newsletters
  • Website, containing information, news and a message board
  • Annual conference for patients, family members, carers and medical professionals

If you wish to join and receive updates please email Martin Breen of PHA Ireland at this address martinbreen@mater.ie. Alternately you can make your request to join at the Pulmonary Hypertension Unit on your next clinic visit.

Membership of the PHA-Ireland is free. However donations can be made by cheque and addressing it to PHA-Ireland or the National Pulmonary Hypertension Unit. Alternatively donations can be made by clicking on the donate now sign and follow the instructions.