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Research and Clinical Trials

Over the last three decades, incredible progress has been made in the field of pulmonary hypertension. International collaborations to pursue high quality research has expanded our understanding of the disease and led to the discovery of exciting new medical therapies. As the national centre for pulmonary hypertension in Ireland we are fortunate to have the opportunity to engage in many of these clinical trials and we are passionately dedicated to research within the unit. None of this would be possible without our patients and their time, energy and insights.

The program for respiratory diseases at the centre for lung health believes that involvement in basic and clinical research is paramount to advancing progress in respiratory and pulmonary vascular disease. Therefore we work closely with our colleagues in UCD and develop initiatives in translational medicine, looking at transferring what is learnt at the lab bench and bringing it to the patient in the form of future drug development.

We have close collaborations with numerous research groups including:

We are fortunate to have close education and research links with our international colleagues, in particular our colleagues in Sheffield and other UK centres. The National Pulmonary Hypertension Centres of United Kingdom and Ireland Physicians’ Committee was established to promote high standards to clinical care and patient centred research in the field of PH.