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Collie’s Chop for Charity

Kathleen Darker’s son Colin, together with his girlfriend, Avril Burbridge organised a fundraiser for Pulmonary Hypertension on Saturday, 6 February in Slattery’s in Rathmines. The event – aptly named ‘Collies Chop for Charity’ was an outstanding success.  Colin had long, waist length, raven dreadlocks and prior to the night, family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues  most generously sponsored the ‘chop’.  Before a scissors had touched the mane – a sum of over €2000 was raised.   A further €2,000 was raised on the night through further sponsorship and donations.  Well done to all concerned.  At this moment – we are seeking knitters to make a hat for Collie who must be feeling the cold having endured the chop for PH.  We are very grateful to all concerned.