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Gunboat Diplomacy in support of PH Awareness 2017

This week it’s time to bring the big gun(s) out in support of Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness and the Association. The 40th Potential NCOs’ class of the Irish Naval Service are preparing for the next phase of their career patrolling and protecting our shoreline, mounting search and rescue at home and abroad and many other humanitarian and operational duties that a life in the Naval Service involves. We are very proud that these fine young people have adopted Pulmonary Hypertension as their charity of choice this year as they work towards graduation.

On Saturday next, 22nd July – they will perform a Rowathon on Patrick Street, Cork from 9 am till around 5.30pm The footfall on Patrick St on Saturdays is around 30,000 and we feel this is a great opportunity to raise awareness about PH. They will row the length of time it takes to travel from Tripoli to Palermo when the Navy are on their rescue missions for the many refugees on the Mediterranean, duties that are both harrowing and rewarding as they perform a critical humanitarian role rescuing improvised and desperate people from the perils of the Mediterranean.

Not only are they participating in the Rowathon on Saturday but they have also arranged a coffee morning at the base in Haulbowline on Wednesday (tomorrow) morning 19th July.

We know they wear their Naval Uniform with pride everyday they serve and in our case, they certainly all cut fine figures in our Pulmonary Hypertension awareness t-shirts. By deploying their gunboat diplomacy and having them row in behind us, we think this will be a great week for PH awareness!!!