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Irish Naval Service ‘ROW’ in behind PH Awareness 2017

The Irish Naval Service makes the news on a regular basis particularly with their humanitarian duties in the Mediterranean and their critical duties along the Irish coastline. This July we’re hoping that the ‘40th Potential NCOs Course’ will be making news on our behalf in support of Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness. This will be our primary 2017 annual awareness / fundraising event. The class is currently planning the following activities:

On Wednesday 19th July at the Naval Base, the class will be holding a Coffee Morning in aid of PH awareness.
On Saturday 22nd July on Patrick Street , Cork City from 9am – 6pm, they will hold a sponsored Rowathon and we’re hoping for some significant exposure from this event.
This area of Patrick Street has a footfall of 40/50,000 of a Saturday and they will be broadcasting this event via Facebook and other social media sites. The Irish Navy Facebook page alone has over 30,000 followers. They are also hoping to involve the local radio stations Cork96FM and REDFM.
The plan for the Rowathon is to represent the Navy’s role in the Mediterranean Rescue Mission by rowing the distance taken to travel from Tripoli (where most of the refugees leave from) to Polermo (where they are brought ashore after being picked up by the Irish Naval Service). This is a total distance of 450 kilometres, with each of the 26 Potential NCOs rowing approx. 17 kilometres each over the 9 hours, using 4 static rowing machines.They will wear both Navy uniforms as well as our Pulmonary Hypertension awareness t-shirts in order to attract as much attention as possible.

They have also very kindly invited us to attend the Passing Out Parade for this Potential NCOs Class on the Naval Base due in August, the date to be confirmed.

We’re extremely grateful to these fine Naval Service Personnel for their planned efforts on our behalf. All are welcome to attend and participate in the events. We’ll continue to update you on any changes or variations to the schedule in the run up to July.