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You’ve seen the pictures, read the press coverage now it’s time to see the videos! We narrowly missed our record attempt but the presence of (Irish Deputy Prime-minister) Tánaiste Joan Burton with Professor Sean Gaine of the National Pulmonary Hypertension Unit brought some great press coverage and interviews with the media. Watch Prof. Gaine give an explanation of Pulmonary Hypertension and its impact on sufferers. Ms. Burton’s support for the awareness campaign is well expressed as she explains how attending the event has contributed to her own education about PH. (Click on the preview below to view and if no preview is visible see the video on YouTube at this link)

And of course the day itself was all about the patients and their supporters who attended the event to show their support. If you participated you might well catch a glimpse of your very own ‘kissing action’ and if you weren’t able to attend you can certainly pick up the fun atmosphere of the event and some excellent overviews from the drone camera. Yes, we certainly brought some high tech to Pulmonary Hypertension awareness that day while we tried to explain the plight of PH sufferers ‘when all they need is the air that they breathe’! We hope you enjoy your viewing. (Click on the preview below to view and if no preview is visible see the video on YouTube at this link)