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PHéileacán Newsletter 2019

2018 was another busy year for the Pulmonary Hypertension Association Ireland and the 2019 PHéileacán Newsletter provides in-depth coverage of the activities undertaken to raise awareness of PH and support the people who are so severely impacted by this rare disease. We soared to one of the highest points on earth when one of our intrepid supporters took our mascot to Everest base camp at 18,000 feet altitude while many others put in the hard yards in their local communities to fund raise and publicise our cause. Learn more about how the medical professionals of the National PH Unit and their colleagues sought to expand and deepen the treatment and care they bring to their patients and most of all how patients and their families and friends came together to offer mutual support and strength.

You can download the PHéileacán 2019 edition at the button below. Printed versions will be distributed in the near future to Association members on our mailing list.

Our sincere thanks to all who took the time and effort to contribute to the publication.