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PHenomenal Faces behind PH

We have received the following information from PH Europe about a very interesting project originating from PHA America. We will provide further information about the social media campaign as it becomes available later in the year.

SteadyMed Therapeutics and the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (America)  are partnering together to showcase the brave and dynamic women and men who deal with pulmonary hypertension (PH) on a daily basis through the Phenomenal Campaign.

Renowned photographer Michael Soo, whose collection of fine art and commercial photography has been featured on numerous international magazine covers and in newspapers like the New York Times, is donating his services to shoot empowering portraits of the PHenomenal faces behind PH. These remarkable individuals include mothers and fathers, professionals, musicians, and athletes, all of whom refuse to let PH control their lives.

We will be premiering these beautiful photos gallery exhibition during the PH Association conference this year, and they will also an essential part of a broader social media campaign set to launch later this year and designed to honor the phenomenal people who struggle with PH.

As part of the social media campaign, we will be asking people in the PH community to take selfies through out the year that demonstrate to the world that they are continuing to live life to the fullest in spite of dealing with a life threatening disease. They will then tag the PHenomenal Campaign on their social media vehicle, which will allow all who participate to share their experiences with each other.

At the end of the year, we will bring together all of the photos (both professional portraits and selfies) that have been taken and compile them in to book for purchase, with all proceeds going to the PH Association.