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‘Time Matters in PH’ Campaign

Our colleague Hall Skaara in Norway wrote to advise of the following:

“I have now posted the first Time Matters video on PHA Europe’s Facebook page. The video comes from Serbia and is an interview of 19 year old Andjela. (If you have not seen it yet, please visit PHA Europe’s Facebook page and have a look.) I would encourage all associations to share the video on their Facebook page in order to create maximum awareness of TimeMatters and PH. Please also encourage the members to comment the video as one of our aims with the TimeMatters campaign is to both create awareness and involvement.
Two days later, I posted the picture/quote of Andjela on our Facebook page with a link to her story on our web page. So Andjela’s story is now both out in a video format and a blog format.
In the week and months to come, more stories will be posted from both Serbia plus the three other participating associations (Portugal, Austria and Israel). Please help us to keep the campaign active and alive! ”

The link Hall refers to is http://www.phaeurope.org/2017/01/andjela-tells-pah-story/