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To Hell and Back for PH campaign

We have some very brave volunteers prepared to go to ‘Hell and Back’ to support our Get Breathless for PH campaign on this coming June 15th. Ten young people (so far) will be undertaking what might be considered Ireland’s toughest 10k run, jump, climb, wade etc. course in order to support PHA Ireland’s 2013 PHA awareness campaign.

Take a look at what is in store for our volunteers on the hellandback.ie website. I think we can safely say they will surely ‘Get breathless for PH’ and we hold out no hope that our beautifully logo’d (white) t-shirts will be white for very long! So maybe you too are up for the challenge and would consider bolstering the number of our volunteers by pitting yourself against the course while supporting a very worthy cause? Or perhaps you think our volunteers have to be a little mad to attempt this but want to show your admiration and support by donating to the campaign?

If you wish to participate you can find out more by contacting Regina Prenderville, Pulmonary Hypertension Association – Ireland by e-mail  pha@mater.ie or mobile 087 637 6563. Alternately you may wish to donate by clicking the Donate Now Button above which takes you to our fundraising page at the Mater Foundation – please be sure to select the Pulmonary Hypertension Appeal on the drop down list.

Watch this space, we will bring you updates and pictures of how our participants get on.