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February 2017 Updates

PH Newsletter:

In our last Newsletter we invited members to come up with a name for our PHA News. Since PH UK name their Newsletter Emphasis and PH Europe produce the Mariposa News (Mariposa is the Spanish for Butterfly) – we thought it would be appropriate to have a specific name for our Newsletter too. The winning suggestion was made by Sally Ann Breen and our future Newsletters will be called ………PHéileacán – Féileacán is the Irish word for Butterfly. (Congratulations to Sally Ann who is the winner of a €50 voucher)

The butterfly symbolically represents the lungs and it is inserted inside a heart to signify that the disease affects both these organs.


PH Logo:

Please note we are not changing our PH Logo. Our logo symbolises the four chambers of the Heart and the shape of the Harp symbolises that we are the Irish Association.


Support Group Meeting:

A support group meeting was held in the Clayton Hotel Cork on Monday 20th February. While attendance was disappointing – it was a very informative and pleasant meeting.